(Homework assignments to be completed before progressing to the following module)

To help plan your time

  • There are 5 homework assignments
    • Assignments are explained during each session
    • A worksheet for each assignment is provided for you to complete and return
    • Each worksheet has practical Chill Skills activities for you to practise as well as answering some simple questions
  • Allow approximately 1 ½ hours practical time for each assignment
  • Refer to the homework schedule to help keep you on track
  • For some of these activities you will need to find an adult or child to practise on
  • For session 5 you will be required to practise on a group of at least 2 – 3 children
  • Complete log sheet when doing activities with students (adults and children)
  • Worksheets can be returned by;
    • mail
    • scanned and return by email
    • completed on-line
    • some of the assignments include creative activities, which require you to take a photo of your work to be sent with worksheets

Hints when completing the worksheets

When answering questions, try to keep descriptions to a few words. This will also help you with defining feelings. If you can’t find words to describe your feelings then try the following;

  • Match the feeling to a colour
  • Find a word that describes what that colour means to you.e.g., you may say you are feeling brown, and brown to you could mean yucky. If you can, explore a little bit more what yucky means, it could mean unmotivated, tired and/or sad. These could be the words that you write down on your answer sheet.

Reference materials to assist you

  • Video tutorials and other reference material are available for Chill Skills coaches using the following;
    • Group Facebook page “Chill Skills for Kids Coaches page”
    • Please advise if you would like access