Magical Unicorns

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Sparkles the unicorn is a really popular item from our new range of prints on our on-line store, “The Positive Thoughts Collection”.

Sparkles, is one of the characters from the story, “The Beach” on our “Meditation for Kids” CD, “he is called sparkles, because he has sparkles around him all the time”. The message that Sparkles delivers is “Believe”, this word can have different meanings to each individual, it depends on what you want it to mean. It can easily be turned into a positive thought, or (affirmation), e.g., “I believe in myself.” 

This positive thought ties in with the theme of our new book, “Imagine Me with The Three Owls”, which is self-acceptance.

To accept ourselves is to believe in ourselves, then we can shine and show our magic just as Sparkles the unicorn does. Remember, be yourself, you are special because there is only one you, when you be yourself you can discover who you really are and find that inner peace and shine bright like Sparkles does.