Newspaper article – Chill Skills for Kids Classes

Newspaper article - Chill Skills for Kids


To help change the thoughts that we don't want to have and help put good thoughts in our minds, we can think of some positive words. Positive thoughts can help us to feel better about ourselves, so we can be happy and calm. When we are happy and calm this helps us to feel positive and confident. Just thinking and saying words in our minds about how we would like to be or feel is called an affirmation.

Affirmations are the positive words that remind us of how we want to think, feel or act. Some examples ; I am calm or I am confident.

What we think influences how we feel and also how we act. A simple affirmation can be a very effective way to remind ourselves of how we want to be or feel. By thinking positive thoughts we eventually learn to feel positive and then we act positive. The opposite also applies, thinking negative thoughts can cause us to feel not so good,  and when we feel that way that can cause us to act in ways that we would rather not act.

Thinking negative can drain be draining on a persons energy and cause feelings such as apathy, anxiety, insomnia and affect social and emotional well being.

A good way to remind us of our affirmations is to write them down somewhere. For example in a journal or put them in your home in places where you can see them. It takes time and perseverance to learn to be positive.

Research shows that when people think positive thoughts, see positive words or pleasant images and practise relaxation techniques, levels of the chemical that is closely linked to good mood, serotonin may increase. People who are clinically depressed often have lower than normal levels of serotonin.

Some other positive affirmations are; I am happy, I am peaceful or I am safe. You can make your own affirmations to suit you, start off with simple ones and practise using them.

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