6: Do a creative activity – Colour in the mandala template ( 15 min)

What is a Mandala?

A mandala is a repetitive flowing design inside a circle. Creating a mandala is a way to combine our thoughts and feelings in a harmonious healing way.

A mandala can be used as a tool for meditation and therapy or just a way to feel calm while doing a pleasant activity such as colouring in harmonious flowing pictures.

Mandalas are another great way to assist kids to relax. The children learn about mandalas by colouring in some of the templates, this helps them learn about the flow and patterns of the mandalas and about applying colour. The students learn how to create their own mandala, by creating a visual theme linked to the relaxation story that they listen to.

Introduce students to mandalas by;

  • Showing an example of a coloured in mandala, see lesson materials
  • Explain that the design and colours form a flowing pattern inside a circle

Click here to download the template:   Tree Mandala

Click here to download the template: Create Your Own Mandala

Example of a mandala created by an 11 year old girl