Chill Skills is working towards being an evidence-based program. Chill skills has employed the Strength and Difficulties questionnaire (SDQ) to gather evidence participant outcomes. The SDQ can be used for various purposes, including clinical assessment, evaluation of outcomes, research and screening. Chill skills is using it for the purpose of evaluation of outcomes and research into its efficiency.

The SDQ is a brief behavioural screening questionnaire for 3-16 year old’s, there are several variations of the questionnaire dependent on the age of the child and the respondent (parent report, teacher report, self-report). The SDQ is based on 5 main components: Emotional Symptoms, Conduct Problems, Hyperactivity/ Inattention, Peer Relationship Problems and Prosocial Behaviour.

Chill skills is gathering de identified data to determine outcomes of participants in these main core areas. Information is also being used for the ongoing improvement of the program and its resources.