Chill Skills for Kids Training Program

Chill Skills for Kids is a unique child centred program that helps kids learn how to relax. This program has been effective for children exposed to family violence, trauma and children with mental health issues.

The program draws on evidence-based practices including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness, Creative visualisations and systematic teaching of relaxation techniques.

Chill Skills is designed to equip professionals & therapists with an effective program that helps children manage issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, negative self-talk, low self esteem, etc.

For children, the Chill Skills for Kids program is engaging and a gentle, fun way to learn how to:

  • Identify & manage emotions
  • Learn about positive self-talk
  • Learn different ways to be calm & relaxed
  • Build self-esteem & resilience
  • Create confidence
  • Create self-awareness
  • Acknowledge feelings in the body and ways to release them
  • Express themselves through therapeutic creative activities

About The Program

  • The program follows a simple step by step process
  • Each step is a valuable part of the program, as the children are able to learn new skills or insights from each step
  • Each step has a range of therapeutic activities to select from
  • The mindfulness activities are unique to the program and are age specific
  • The meditation stories have themes such as, kindness, self-acceptance, friendship, etc
  • The creative activities are therapeutic
  • The program has a strong theme based on nature and connecting with self
  • Each child has their own personal activity journal to work with in the classes & take home
  • The resources that are used in the classes are therapeutic and available from our our store

What You Will Learn From This Training

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and apply the “Chill Skills” process
  • Identify and demonstrate practical skills and strategies to help children learn to relax and express themselves
  • Deliver various styles of meditation and mindfulness to children
  • Tailor classes to different age groups
  • Design and conduct your own “Chill Skills” class

Training Package

Includes a resource kit which consists of:

  • Program manual
  • Activity manual
  • Program lesson plans
  • Admin forms
  • Meditation for Kids CD’s
  • Yoga cards for kids

Training Options

  • 2 day training – To complete online registration form click here pdf download
  • Online training – To complete online registration form click here pdf download

About Online Training

One session per week for 7 weeks, each session is 2 hours.

The training is delivered via a specialised on-line training platform.

The on-line training platform has features including;

  • Video conferencing
  • Desktop sharing of documents, including videos, presentations, etc.
  • On-line whiteboard
  • File transfer within a meeting
  • Computer with audio and internet
  • Headset with a microphone attached (preferably a wireless headset as this gives you freedom to move around during training)

The on-line training is delivered by video & audio conferencing facilities.

The on-line training involves the following processes to help gauge what you have learned;

  • Doing practical activities during the on-line sessions
  • Discussion during the on-line sessions
  • Doing practical activities in your own time

The homework activities are part of the learning process and can provide opportunities for the participant to familiarise themselves with the Chill Skills process.

The homework can reflect the participant’s understanding of the Chill Skills process which helps Chill Skills provide any relevant support.

There are 5 simple practical assignments

  • A worksheet for each assignment is provided for you to complete and return
  • Each worksheet has practical Chill Skills activities for you to practise as well as some simple questions
  • Allow approximately 90 minutes practical time for each assignment (each assignment can be done in one block or spread through the week)

Training package; 2 day training or on-line training – Value $850

For further enquiries telephone : 0409 449 432 or click here for our Contact Us page