Activity 3. Meditate ” I am Calm” mantra (5.41 min)

What to do:

Introduce the children to the concept of mantra meditation, explain that a mantra is simply a word or words that can help us feel calm. “For example, “I am calm”, is the mantra that we will be listening to, you can say it in your mind or say it softly. The idea is that you say it over in your minds to help you feel more peaceful”

How to do it

  • Ask students to sit a comfortable distance from each other so if they spread their arms out so they can’t touch each other, if possible sit with legs crossed.
  • See illustration for positioning of hands, demonstrate what both positions look like and ask them to do the one that they feel the most relaxed with.
  • Children can move hands or sway during mantra if they want to.
  • Ask students to close their eyes or look down during the mantra.
  • Explain that at the start they will hear a single “ting” sound, (made by a singing bowl) and after they hear this sound they will know the mantra is about to start. (if listening to a CD then they will hear the ting then the mantra will start). At the end they will hear another “ting” and then they can open their eyes.


Hint : It is lovely to sit around a candle or a soft night light.

Click link below to hear example of singing bowl ting