About Chill Skills

Chill Skills was created in 2010, when Lisa identified a need in the community for a service for children to help them learn how to relax.

Lisa started teaching relaxation to adults in 2006 whilst she was working as a Natural Therapist in her clinic. Some of the parents from the classes asked Lisa to work with their children, she did and the results were wonderful, “The kids loved the stories and using their imagination to help them relax, they felt better and happier afterwards”.

From those experiences and her  training, Lisa consulted with experts and researched effective strategies to create the relaxation program, “Chill Skills for Kids”. The program draws on evidence-based practices including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness, Creative visualisations and systematic teaching of relaxation techniques.
“Using the valuable feedback from the kids and their parents I am always striving to ensure positive outcomes for the kids and their families”. “Helping kids connect to calm and confidence is my passion”.

Lisa has Diplomas in Counselling, Remedial Massage, Visual Art and Cert 1V in Aromatherapy and Business, she is also a trained Life Coach.

Lisa have been running “Chill Skills for Kids” classes in rural Victoria since 2011.